OrbVest FUTURE-PROOF INVESTMENT Invest in high-yielding, professionally-managed
medical real estate in the USA

The resilience and growth prospects of medical real estate are attracting increasing investor interest.


To meet this demand, OrbVest, established in July 2018, sources, acquires and manages stable, profitable medical commercial real estate in fast-growing states and cities across the USA.


Our purpose is to make investing in this lucrative sector, normally only the domain of institutional investors, simple, accessible and most of all dependable.

We are able to generate regular cash dividends, plus investors share in the capital growth of the portfolio over time.

This is not just for US investors.


We are proud to service investors from more than 30 countries globally, who are diversifying and growing their wealth in the world’s default currency – the US dollar – underpinned by this stable asset class.


OrbVest has built up a solid track record that is attracting investors around the world.


To meet this demand, OrbVest, established in July 2018, sources, acquires and manages stable, profitable medical commercial real estate in fast-growing states and cities across the USA.

Our strategy has evolved as we move away from syndicating single buildings in favour of assembling a portfolio of prize buildings that will enable us to accelerate value creation for our investors while at the same time mitigating risk associated with single buildings. Since 2021 we acquire buildings where we are the general partner acquiring only stable Core or Core Plus buildings. We target acquisitions that are over 90% leased to a spread of healthcare providers on long leases capable of delivering mid teen returns that should translate into appreciation in the share value over the investment period.


Invest seamlessly in a particular medical office building or a portfolio of buildings in the USA.


Earn reliable cash dividends paid out on a quarterly basis in US dollars.


Share in the capital growth over the investment period, which is paid out at exit.

Let our skilled team undertake the due diligence for you
  • OrbVest is led by a team that combines the skills, knowledge, systems and processes to generate solid returns. Our team invests alongside you.
  • In our search for high-performing, future-proofed assets, we continuously analyse underlying trends that will impact the healthcare industry, and we work closely with local partners to harness their on-the-ground knowledge and expertise.
  • We share all relevant project information with you, including tenant schedules, operating expenses and capital stack details. We identify the risks, and explain how we intend to mitigate them.
A resilient, growing sector that will help you to grow your wealth

We are hyper-focused on medical real estate in selected cities and states across the USA because:

  • The US healthcare real estate sector is a $1 trillion opportunity, with few focused operators, funds and REITS.
  • It offers a resilient long-term outlook. By 2025, almost 23% of Americans are expected to be older than 65, a group that spends on average five times more on healthcare than those under 65.
  • OrbVest invests in regions with a specific demographic and in buildings containing a mix of specialized tenants and low exposure to small primary healthcare practitioners. We favour long-term leases (WALT) in place, or the potential to lease up.
Monitor and transact 24/7
  • Our user-friendly platform makes it easy for you to manage your investment, wherever you are, 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • Within a secure online environment, you can track your returns, invest and withdraw funds.
  • If you need hands-on assistance, your dedicated relationship manager is always available to answer your questions about your properties and transactions.
We are fully compliant with relevant regulation
  • Our offerings in the USA are registered with the SEC under Regulation 506(c).
  • For global investors our offerings are listed on SECDEX or MERJ exchanges and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority.
  • OrbVest SA (Pty) Limited is an authorised financial services provider in South Africa (licence no 50483).

OrbVest has built up a solid track record that is attracting investors around the world

Over the past seven years, we have built up our portfolio and our investor base through careful selection of opportunities and close attention to client service.

By the fourth quarter of 2021, we had accumulated 37 buildings, with a value of just under $400 million, and successfully exited 10 buildings, delivering double-digit returns to investors. We have attracted investors from 30 different countries around the world and have offices in New York, Atlanta, Seychelles and South Africa.

Our portfolio speaks for itself...
Trusted by Investors around the World
Manu Wope

“By being hyper-focused on the trending and resilient medical segment of the US real estate sector, OrbVest and its capable team offer prospective investors and in particular those non-US residents, a trusted and highly simplified means to successfully take advantage of the ageing baby boomers cycle, hedge forex risk and bag consistent dividends … I took the ride and became a repeat investor.”

Basil & Nicki Bowles

“We have invested in several OrbVest projects over the past few years and enjoy the convenience of building a portfolio of commercial real estate across multiple cities and states, without the stress normally associated with direct ownership. We have more time to do the things we enjoy with peace of mind that the team at OrbVest are working to add value to our alternative assets.”

Sally Lynne Oosthuyse

“A real investment gem! I am delighted to have found this opportunity, because it meets my need for a solid offshore investment that pays out a regular income. Being able to view my portfolio and transact online is comforting and convenient. I have invested and reinvested in OrbVest buildings for three years now and I’ve never been disappointed.”