From the CEO’s desk!

There is a lot to be said for the perspective you get from 30 000 feet above the earth.

I am sure a lot of the world’s modern wisdom and advancements, emanated on flights like these, in the early hours of the morning, where you are forced to sit quietly for most of the night with no access to life’s normal distractions.

As I write this article, I am making my way home to New York on an absurdly long flight from São Paulo, a city of 21 million people, after a week of engaging investors at one of the largest international real estate investor conferences in Brazil, where we were invited to present our real estate offerings.

My history is firmly in South Africa and like many others, we believe our problems are unique. I realised while making new friends in Brazil, that there are so many of us globally facing the same quandary. There are billions of dollars looking for capital preservation in stable countries, where there is a high probability of earning annuity income, whilst also having participation in the capital growth of these investments. We have learned how to solve this problem, and we have a laser sharp focussed strategy and my new Brazilian friends concur.

What would OrbVest look like if we could share our offerings with real investor networks in similar countries?

The maths are compelling, so much so that I am promising you tonight, that we continue to focus strongly on opening up supply channels and countries, who will each provide “real consistent investors regularly investing with us” from at least 8 countries within 18 months. The OrbVest definition of investors remains “high nett worth individuals who don’t simply register, but where they actually invest and we raise significant equity from these areas in a quarterly basis”…..actions speak louder than words…..Watch this space.

OrbVest will never forget our roots, and South Africa remains a key market for OrbVest, given the continual concerns that emanate and the desire to invest off-shore to protect wealth and create financial freedom. I can now share that during the last month we reached an agreement and were formally approved to market our products in South Africa under the supervision of VanWealth Portfolio Management (Pty) Ltd Licence No. 41690. This means that hundreds of authorised financial advisers will now be allowed to introduce their clients to our solid real estate offerings. This is a massive channel and a key strategic goal that we have achieved and will have a significant impact on our demand going forward.

Somewhere over the Caribbean, I shift my focus to the counter-balance of the increase in equity raised, (through the various initiatives outlined above), that being deal flow. Quality and consistent deal flow is essential going forward and my team is absolutely committed to increasing the number of deals acquired in the coming quarters. I am pleased to announce that our Glenridge Medical 22 offering was approved by our investment committee and by the MERJ exchange and is now open for investment. They say a key component to real estate investing is location, location, location – you won’t find better.

Finally, as soon as I am back on the ground in New York, Machiel will be joining me, as we continue to grow our relationships and networks on the ground in America. We will be travelling through various states, exploring the narrowed list of deals presented to us and we will seek to source the best opportunities, that will no doubt delight you, our valued investor. So my second promise to you, is that we will find and acquire buildings that we would love to own, and in turn, make them available to you, on a regular basis going forward.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter and Passover, and I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the special time with family and friends.

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