OrbVest CEO, Martin Freeman, interviewed by Alec Hogg of BizNews

SA entrepreneurs open Orbvest, their US medical property fund yielding 8% pa.

Martin Freeman, CEO of OrbVest, was interviewed by Alec Hogg of BizNews on the 27th of June. He explains why OrbVest is a solid investment alternative.

In the Interview Martin explained how his journey started:

“So my journey with all this began in 2012 when I was privileged to attend an executive management program at Harvard in the US and became interested and determined to invest in real estate in the USA. I met my current partners at this time, who were also following a similar journey of helping South Africans invest in real estate in the US over the past five or six years. We have carved out a niche where we are interested in stable income producing real estate assets – specifically in healthcare needs. We’ve assembled a portfolio under management of over $200 million.”

Martin also talked about the workings of the business:

“…it takes a long time to build relationships and a network on the ground and to make sure that you partner with the right people. We have the experience and what’s most amazing is that we’ve been generating 8 percent cash on cash dollar dividends for our investors around South Africa and the world – going on six years. Bearing in mind we also we have investors from nearly 10 countries who invest into these properties along with South Africans.”

He also talked about the benefits of investing with OrbVest:

“They’re able to generate these kind of returns that are very stable in a great asset class in the USA, because they invest directly in the building not into the fund. So they are in each separate building which is ring fenced. We would like to continue to help thousands, tens of thousands of South Africans all build a portfolio in the USA without having the associated risk.”

They talked about the risks involved, our track record and much more!

Follow the link below to the full interview:

BizNews interview

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