Our performance has exceeded projections

AccretivPLUS Healthcare Portfolio Limited (ACC+)


Since inception in July 2018 OrbVest has assembled an enviable portfolio of stable income producing healthcare buildings across the United States. This CORE and CORE-PLUS real estate portfolio totals 29 buildings across 9 states with a combined value of well over $200 million.

Investors traditionally invested directly into these individual buildings offered by OrbVest, providing an alternative investment opportunity in the USA, for investors to grow their wealth in this robust asset class.

BUT OrbVest has evolved.

In 2020 OrbVest launched a Diversified Healthcare Portfolio, (ODH) made up of shares in these existing medical buildings, in order to provide a blended return and to mitigate risk of investing in single buildings.

The results have been astounding. Since inception 3 years ago, ODH has consistently delivered on its promise of generating between 7% and 8% annualized dividends for investors, while capital growth in the underlying portfolio should produce an IRR exceeding 10% at liquidation of the portfolio at the end of term.

To further improve the offering OrbVest has embarked on a project to consolidate these independently owned buildings into one structure to further improve and underpin this investment opportunity through further reduction of costs and provide an even more robust and diversified offering.

AccretivPLUS is well aligned for all investors, whether they are retirees seeking consistent returns or high net worth investors seeking a diversification strategy to grow their wealth.


Medical Real Estate Under Management


Trusted by Investors around the World


Our track record of steady income generation from these carefully-curated buildings has attracted investors from more than 36 countries. The fact that many loyal investors continue to re-invest speaks for itself. They are our most valued ambassadors.

OrbVest Manu Wope

“By being hyper-focused on the trending and resilient medical segment of the US real estate sector, OrbVest and its capable team offer prospective investors and in particular those non-US residents, a trusted and highly simplified means to successfully take advantage of the ageing baby boomers cycle, hedge forex risk and bag consistent dividends … I took the ride and became a repeat investor.”

OrbVest Basil & Nicki Bowles

“We have invested in several OrbVest projects over the past few years and enjoy the convenience of building a portfolio of commercial real estate across multiple cities and states, without the stress normally associated with direct ownership. We have more time to do the things we enjoy with peace of mind that the team at OrbVest are working to add value to our alternative assets.”

OrbVest Demitri Giannias

“I have been investing with OrbVest for the last 4 years and have never looked back since. Consistent quarterly dividend payouts, as promised, without fail. Great team delivering quality Medical Real Estate opportunities for the investors. Cheers to many more years partnering with you on these projects.”



OrbVest invests in every building alongside you, so we have an equal interest in selecting the best possible sites and opportunities available.




We remain resolute, focused on sourcing the best medical office buildings available, that will appreciate over time and create wealth and prosperity for our global community


Justin Clarke | COO