As my dedicated OrbVest team look forward to a well-deserved break with family in the coming weeks, I look back on the 2020 year, and can only reflect with dismay at the extraordinary events that we have witnessed. So many dreams, plans and special moments have been pushed aside, along with the unimaginable loss of so many loved ones around the globe. The OrbVest family stands alongside each and every one of you, having experienced both the personal and business ups and downs of this year.

My personal journey began in January, with a strategic session with our employees culminating in bold, ambitious growth plans across all areas of our business. March brought about an abrupt halt to our investing activity and refocussed the entire business on our core strategy, which has always been preservation of client capital and ensuring investors were invested into a real estate asset class, that would create ‘peace of mind’ and allow for compound growth of your wealth over time. In addition, Covid forced us to focus upon what’s really important in our lives and new habits and norms were introduced, that will no doubt continue to impact our routines and lives for years to come.

Since the onset of Covid, we are comforted by the fact that our real estate portfolio has continued to collect at levels of above 95% on average. OrbVest has experienced significant growth from July onward, given the performance of the healthcare niche and its recession proof nature. We have attracted new investors from around the world and equity raised has climbed consistently month-on-month. OrbVest successfully launched 6 new projects within 6 months, namely Princeton, Med 29, Med 30 and ODH 1, 2 and 3.

From an internal perspective, we have made sound progress with regards compliance, our platform, our processes and turnaround times, which have all assisted in transforming and enhancing the client investment journey. New investors are being acquired on a weekly basis and are able to seamlessly become investors in US real estate within 72 hours.

Emerging market currencies have rebounded strongly, off the back of dollar weakness. We would like to encourage all our clients to consider acting swiftly and deploying excess funds into our current great deals before we close in the coming days.

 Prospects for 2021:

OrbVest is extremely well positioned for growth and success over the coming year, given the fact that we have expanded our partner network in the US and have a strong pipeline of deals for Q1 2021.

In addition, economic conditions in many emerging countries continues to be extremely challenging. This creates an ideal opportunity for OrbVest to assist potential investors seeking alternative investment solutions in stable economies and achieve their goals of annuity-based dividends and financial freedom.


I reflect on a successful period in the life cycle of OrbVest and more importantly wish to thank each and every one of you for your continued support to date and for entrusting us with the task of overseeing your wealth. I would like to thank my executive team and all my employees for the superb performance and effort during these challenging times.

On behalf of the entire OrbVest family, I wish you and your families all the very best over the festive period.

Kind regards,

Martin Freeman 
CEO OrbVest