Global Real Estate Investment - Orbvest Specialized Investment


As we enter 2020, we thank all our investors for their support and congratulate them on another outstanding year of diversifying and growing their wealth, through real estate investments in the USA.
The world faces strong headwinds in the coming 18 months, from international trade wars, to currency fluctuations, presidential elections in the USA and a possible correction in the equities market. This volatility globally aligns well with OrbVest’s strategy of focusing on low risk, stable income producing real estate in the Healthcare niche, which is widely regarded as being ‘recession proof’, due to tenant stability and long term leases.
At the heart of OrbVest is a skilled executive team, steeped in real estate experience. Our exceptional acquisition team continue to source and acquire medical assets that generate consistent cash on cash returns of +- 8% in USD (paid quarterly). Throughout 2020, we will further encourage our investors to expand their investment portfolios to a minimum of 8 to 10 investments. This is turn will further diversify their risk across multiple US states and different buildings.
In addition, over the past few months, we acquired and successfully closed out Medical 24, Medical 25 and Medical 26. These acquisitions totalled $110m million and grew our total assets under management to over $300m USD. We continue to raise the required equity from over 10 countries globally.
Investors in our Medical 1 portfolio (consisting of 7 buildings spread throughout Atlanta, Georgia) celebrated a successful exit after 5 years of consistent strong quarterly dividends, with total returns of 13,11% being generated in USD. (Total returns, also known as IRR / ‘internal rate of return’, are the combination of cash-on-cash received throughout the project together with the capital appreciation when the real estate is sold)
Lastly, we look forward to launching Medical 27 in the coming weeks and wish our investors a year of further sustained wealth creation.