Dear Shareholders & Investors,

I am delighted to inform you that OrbVest has made significant strides forward over the past 6 months. During this time, we have celebrated the following milestones:

  • Structure: Listed OrbVest in the Seychelles
  • Shareholders: EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting) completed
  • Funding: Further strengthened the overall financial stability of OrbVest
  • Organogram: A clear, strong company structure has been created
  • Investment Committee: Bolstered through key appointments
  • Global Presence: Creation of a true presence on the ground in the USA
  • Strategy: Strategic alignment and clarity within OrbVest have been achieved
  • Completed a highly successful Buyers trip to the USA

OrbVest is a global real estate company that is focused exclusively on assisting people invest in first world, stable income producing real estate, which generates strong cash dividends on a quarterly basis and long term wealth creation.

One of our primary goals was to place enormous emphasis on enhancing the levels of customer service and engagement. We thank all investors for their positive feedback and kind words of appreciation received over the past few months. I would also like to thank all my employees for the extra effort in attending to our valued clients and for always going the extra mile.

OrbVest has over $250 million under management in the USA and with the foundation now firmly in place, we will focus on achieving the following strategic goals over the coming five years:
  • Distribution: Expand and diversify our distribution channels (current equity raised from South Africa and China), which in turn, will accelerate our equity raised per annum and therefore, our growth objectives.
  • Real Estate: Continue to expand our presence on the ground in the USA and grow our partner networks to ensure that we acquire stable, income producing real estate assets, specifically in the Healthcare niche.
  • Portfolio Growth: Grow our current portfolio by $100m (This is aligned with our current equity raising initiatives) to $150m per annum over the coming five years.

Prospects for 2019:

OrbVest is extremely well positioned for growth and success over the coming year, given the fact that we have a powerful, credible executive management team with proven track records, who have absolute clarity on what is required to implement and achieve our strategic initiatives.

In addition, economic conditions within South Africa, China and other targeted countries have created an environment whereby clients are seeking to divest or diversify their wealth. This motivates investors to seek alternative investment solutions in stable economies and to achieve their goals of annuity based dividends and financial freedom.

Looking ahead to 2019, OrbVest is confident and optimistic about our future goals and growth prospects.

EGM Feedback:

OrbVest held our Extraordinary General Meeting on 3 December 2018. The objective was to ratify and reconfirm all decisions taken to date and to vote on key appointments and initiatives going forward.

I am pleased to inform everyone that we received overwhelming support from shareholders and all resolutions were approved.

A key component of OrbVest’s plans going forward is to raise $10m via a rights issue. The funds raised will bolster our balance sheet and will be utilised almost exclusively to co-invest alongside our investors into current and future real estate. This will accelerate our monthly annuity income and propel OrbVest toward sustainable profitability.

This will have an extremely positive impact on the OrbVest share price and long term shareholder wealth creation.


We reflect on a successful period in the life cycle of OrbVest, and more importantly wish to thank each and every one of you, for your continued support to date and for entrusting us with the task of overseeing your investment.

Kind regards,

Martin Freeman
OrbVest CEO