It is exactly two years since we launched our first ODH 1 diversified alternative investment product; and it has been extremely popular with investors.

ODH has delivered consistent returns and comfort to a few hundred investors who can rest easy, knowing not only that they own an interest in the robust commercial medical real estate sector, but that it is diversified across different buildings, cities, and states in the world’s largest economy.

In fact, we are now nearly fully subscribed on our 5th iteration of this offering and have come up with a new and innovative way to plan for the future.

We thought deeply about how we could improve the offering for both new and existing investors, while still staying true to the original thesis. Key considerations included the products exposure to a potential global crisis, and how we could make your investment even more robust in this environment.

A webinar was held for investors in ODH 1-4, ODH 5 and NNN 1 on the 4th of August, where we proposed consolidating all the separate ODH companies together with NNN into one listed entity. In doing so, we would increase diversification while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on fees that would normally go to the Exchange, Brokers, Auditors, and various other bodies.

A poll conducted on the webinar resulted in positive feedback and subsequent engagements with those seeking further clarification gave us a clear mandate, along with the 97% majority vote from the AGMs held in Seychelles on the 16th of August 2022, to proceed with the consolidation.

The process of the incorporation of ODH 5.2 on the MERJ Stock Exchange began on completion of the AGMs, and we anticipate that the listing and issuing of shares will soon be completed.

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