Global Real Estate Investment - Orbvest Specialized Investment


OrbVest is a global real estate company that has a hyper-focus on acquiring stable income producing Medical buildings in the USA. Up till now investors have enjoyed direct investments into single medical buildings, earning exciting returns currently averaging in excess of 8% per annum, paid quarterly, with an estimated IRR of between 11% and 17%.

Put simply, investors can expect to earn solid double digit returns every year for 5 years, underpinned by these blue chip selected profitable medical commercial buildings. But investing in single buildings does not fit the risk profile of many investors who rely on regular stable income, so to satisfy the requests from financial advisors and family offices alike, we have designed a product especially for you.

Find out about our new OrbVest Diversified Holdings 1 in this webinar where we demonstrate how we plan to generate the same attractive returns, but with your risk spread over to 10 different buildings, including some of our proven flagship assets. **Note that this offering is not a REIT or a Collective Investment scheme.

*Brought to you by OrbVest SA, an authorised FSP under license nr 41690