Keep your money in good health.

Protect and grow
your wealth offshore.

Enjoy peace of mind with
regular dividends in US Dollars.


You love living in South Africa

The lifestyle, the climate, the weekend braai with family and friends.

But the chaos of the last few weeks has changed everything.

The local economy is facing real challenges. We worry about how our economy will recover after the pandemic and we struggle to understand the unchallenged destruction that we witnessed in July. We worry about the devaluation of the Rand, especially now that we have growing fiscal deficits, more unemployment and even greater social needs. We worry about how we will guarantee our children the best access to education and opportunity in the future.

How do we escape this cycle?


We have the solution

We make building a portfolio of solid assets in the USA simple, so you can live local, but have your assets offshore.

Join thousands of South Africans as we enjoy regular dividends in US Dollars of between 7% and 9% per annum cash on cash, who now have the freedom of choice, whose money is invested in low risk Medical Commercial Property in selected states across the USA, and a potential IRR at the end of the investment period of 10% to 17%.

Invest in Commercial Medical Real Estate in the USA


Invest from as little as $5000 in Medical Commercial Real Estate in the USA.

Earn regular dividends in USD


Earn 7% to 9% cash on cash dividends paid in US Dollars.

Grow your wealth offshore


Grow your wealth with a targeted IRR of 10% to 17%.

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10125 West Colonial Drive, Ocoee, FL, USA





5 YR



Cash on Cash




Medical Offices


Building Size

OrbVest's latest investment opportunity, Medical 33 – West Orange, 10125 & 10131 W Colonial Drive, comprises two multi-tenant class "B" medical office buildings located in Ocoee, Florida.


Why Orbvest?

OrbVest is a global real estate company that invests in US income producing medical commercial real estate. We generate strong cash dividends on a quarterly basis for our clients and assist with long-term wealth creation.

Clients use our online platform to invest directly into low risk commercial assets, primarily in the Healthcare niche. The investments generate regular dividends that are distributed on a quarterly basis creating annuity income and long-term wealth over the period of investment.

Now you can enjoy investing with the peace of mind that you are investing alongside a team that is completely focused on being the global leaders in this field.

ORBVEST SA ( PTY ) LTD is an authorized financial services provider with license number 50483.